Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The hungry girl diet

Food for Life distributes food on an internati...
Food for Life distributes food on an international basis produced solely from vegan and lacto-vegetarian ingredients. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Huge portions -- GREAT recipes -- easy to follow and totally sensible. A "diet" book that makes total sense -- FINALLY! I have been a fan of Hungry Girl for years and have all of Lisa's other books. She really hit it out of the park here. This plan takes everything we all know and love about HG and puts it together into one cohesive plan. BRAVO!!!! Wish I could give it SIX stars... Oh, there are beautiful photos inside, too!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lovely world

How much of a lovely world we live in
Press a few buttons and wow where in a new dimension a new zone
My gran was 99yrs old when she passed away in 1983 God bless her. But I often wonder what she would of made of all this digital living with her living through both world war 1 and 2
I remember she bought me a girls world for my 9th birthday and she was amazed by that
If I ever get to her age I wonder what developments will happen
Will teleportation exist I wonder
All I know is its a wonderfully fantastic world we live in

Printer sale

Printer sale today we have some really good bargains on our printers. We have searched all over for the cheapest with free shipping 

Our fave of the day is the the Epson purely because we believe they last quite a long time and the ink is not to shabby on price

Epson XP-310 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier it has masses of money off plus it

The picture below is of an old old printer reminding us of how we have moved on so do not panic when you see the pic 

English: This a photo of the EPSON Stylus Colo...
English: This a photo of the EPSON Stylus Color 777 printer. EspaƱol: Esta es una foto de la impresora EPSON Stylus Color 777. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Happy shopping

Happy shopping is brought to you exclusively from our team. We will find you the very best of bargains

Right now our Happy shopping team are extensively working flat out to make your day easier. Please note our banners already we are bringing in great offers for you

What does shopping mean to you is it a must or a need or do you just like nice things. Here we will find you what you need and always do our best to get a price you just love. Tha

The following is the author's description of t...
The following is the author's description of the photograph quoted directly from the photograph's Flickr page. "Toronto. replaced with a slightly different crop on Dec. 9, 2009. " (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From perfume to tractors we will be your search

t is the pride we will take here whilst you do Happy Shopping

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Todays Happy hour

Hello and welcome I have taken time to look at today's happy hour for shoppers and I bring you this